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A university/training thing where young males can learn and fight. Use your imagination. Or just read the comic. ---Any questions!?!?!??! Please PM Oku, Itoshii, or Parakun

Name: Milo
Age: 27 actually 117 yrs old XD
Weapons: Knuckle knifes, Also he's a demon so mostly his demonic powers.
Subject: (they teach) he mostly teaches chi and stamina. How to control your fighting and how to use techniques/combat .
Hobbies:......destroying pencils with his teeth*
Likes: acid jazz, smoking, drinking, rings, darkness, music, playing pranks on students
Other: he can change his age form to 7,16,and27 he mostly stays in his 7 yr old form so that he can save his power and chi. he's mostly a cool teacher, he likes to play pranks on his students.
But he has no tolerance for jackasses an bitches and whiners

Name: Robert "Wes" Wesley
Age: 31
Sexuality: Unknown to students
Weapon of Choice: Greatsword and Hammerspace (magic vortex access localized around his person... pulling a sword out of your pants is a great party trick, btw! :D)
Subject: Military and combat history, stamina training
Hobbies: He collects swords, and he loooves to research combat history, particularly Roman (it's his specialty). He jogs every morning before classes start, and stretches every night before going to bed. Yes, he considers these "hobbies." XD Sometimes he boxes, and he does origami for the fine motor skill practice.
Fighting Style: Melee combat, hack and slash with a bit more finesse than your average barbarian. XD
Likes: Pineapples! History! Sunglasses! Also hiking boots, reading research papers, folding paper while lecturing, making fun of war movies, sunbathing
Dislikes: Poor spelling, cell phones in class, public displays of affection in class, broken sunglasses, rusty weapons, rust in general, most historical fiction, hipsters
Extras: He's a Queerio alum. He did other things after graduation, which are subject to lots of rumors among the student body (as is his time at Queerio as a student), before returning to QU as a teacher. He is popular among the students, and occasionally somebody will come forth with a confession of love. He eats a whole pineapple for breakfast every morning.
Also, he has never been seen by a student, that we know of, without his sunglasses.

Name: Sable
Age:20 looks 17
Sexuality: gay
Weapon(s) of Choice: healing power, also very weak lightening that is expelled through the hands.
Subject: Nurse
Hobbies: healing people
Fighting Style: He doesn't like to fight
Likes: sleeping, helping people
Dislikes: passing out, pain
Extra: When he heals people, he takes their pain as well. He usually passes out because of it. Sable is Tren's older brother

Name: Mr. Ashbel Spini (Ash for short)
Age: 26
Sexuality: ttly in ze closet >u>
Weapon(s) of Choice: Rosa the Feng Huang (that red bird thigs CB)
Subject: The usage of animals in combat and magic (Beasts 101?)
Hobbies: Reading, building small intricate things that usually have no apparent use, animals
Fighting Style: Uninvolved himself, uses his beasties to fight for him, usually these beasties have something to do with fire.
Likes: Giving students hard times, reading
Dislikes: People in general, annoying students who won't shut up, people who don't show his pets respect

Name: Cyril
Sexuality: B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BISEXUAL *shot*
Weapon(s) of choice: Crossbow/ Old fashioned Bow and Arrow
Fighting Style: Archery...?
Likes: music, sleep, shooting targets, indian films, playing bass, curry, blah blah dislikes:.......rlly touchy feely people
Other: he is a laidback down to earth person, he never rlly gets angry, sometimes he freaks out when something isn't in order

name: haru
Age: 15
Sexuality: GAY GAY GAY!!!
Weapon(s) of choice: Arquebus, Kusarigama (which is in his hands), Shurikens, knifes
Hobbies: jumpings, playing around, being silly (He can be serious sometimes during a fight)
Fighting style: HE'S A NINJA!!!!!!!!! XD
Likes: Fusao chan (you see him later ;D ), anime, manga, video games, yaoi, jpop,techno, cake, sweets, girly stuff, goggles, pandas...
Dislikes: getting rejected by Fusao, getting beaten or scolded by teachers when he screws up, bad endings to animes (LIKE KUROSHITSUJI >:U/ lol)
his eyes are light purple and his hair is white

Name: Fusao (he's student )
Age: 19
Sexuality: Bi (he mostly leans towards women....WE MUST CHANGE DAT)
Weapons: Katana, a GIGANTIC Kanabo
Hobbies: being on the computer
Fighting style: he's a samurai...XD...
Likes: rap, hiphop, jazz, his katana, training,soda,black and white movies, photography, etc.
Dislikes: haru being all over him, being so tall (he's 6'4), sweets
Other: THIS BE FUSAO!!!! > w < along with his samurai fighting, he has the spirit of the shark, so when he's fighting sometimes his eyes turn like a shark and he has the abilities like a shark. (when that happens SHET GOES DOWN)
He looks so serious sometimes, but actually he's sweet. HE'S A MANLY MAN!!!! lol when he was raised...he was raised to always be a MAN!!!!! lol wtf but he was like..uh lemme do what I wanna do...
yes he gets tackled and glomped and snuggled by haru..... he acts like he hates it ... but secretly he likes haru.

Age: 19
Sexuality: closet Gay
Weapon(s) of Choice: Fire mage
Hobbies: he reads novels, laying in the grass and watching the sky, reading his hidden porn and jacking off to it
Fighting Style: Tren uses his hands to expel fire, it also can travel up both his arms.
Likes: order, relaxing outdoors, being cared for
Dislikes:chaos, enclosed spaces, annoying people, fighting
Extra info: he has bandages on his arms because when he first used his powers he didn't know how to make it not burn him, so the bandages cover his scarred arms. His arms are also terribly weak due to the damage

Name: Jasper
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bi
Weapon(s) of Choice: marionette illusion
Hobbies: puppeteering
Fighting Style: he's a level headed fighter and will always remain calm
Likes: being foolish, amazing people, making his opponent angry or confused
Dislikes: humorless people
Extra: The strings come out of his finger tips, but they are thin and nearly invisible. They are an illusion so they disappear at his will. The puppet may be anything he thinks of at the time, as long as it is something smaller than he is.

Name: Pappi
Age: 16
Sexuality: Gay
Home: Finland ( He has a Finnish accent. )
Weapon(s) of Choice: Magic Staff and Pure Water (Not salt water. Derp. )
Hobbies: Sewing, Cooking, Reading, Sitting, Sleeping, Swimming, Running, Watching People, Healing Stuff.
Fighting Style: He is actually a Cleric/Healer. But he does enjoy watching other students fight, because he really wants to learn how. He sometimes casts water spells.
Clothing: Why does he wear poofy shorts!? In the area of a forest wear he lives, they made people wear stuff like this. Sometimes he takes his leg warmers off because they bug him.
Likes: Sweets, Carrots, Water, Ice, Rain, Pajamas, Shorts, Hats, Healing, Baby Animals, Fellow Rabbits, Keys, Glasses, Looking at his butt in the mirror (Waitwat?), The smell of garlic bread, Bathing.
Dislikes: Fire, Large Dogs, Hoods, Beards ( Bad Pappi ), Teachers (He is a bitch to them), Showers, Changing in front of other people, Lots of blood (He panics < u >).
Small Bio: Pappi grew up in a small village deep in the forest. He lived with his grandmother and mother. He never mentions anything about his father, since his father died when he was young. His granny taught his spells when he was little, but he didn't really know what they could do. Eventually when he got older he started helping his mom with her work, helping wounded rabbits (LOL Rabbits) in the village. After a year or two he suddenly started avoiding his work and reading books, about spells and such. Then he came here, and became a shy little monotone rabbit that blushes too much. ....Gotta love him. < u >
Oh kay. And that's him. He is really lame. Dx Those wigs by his feet, ya, I doodled them. He doesn't have leg wings. And the ribbon on his staff and the gloves are gifts from his mama and granny. HE IS A MAMAS BOY. But if you get hurt, He can heal you

Name: Flare (tis only a nickname, he doesn't tell people his actual name...cause Cakie hasn't made it yet)
Age: 18
Sexuality: Openly Gay
Weapon(s) of Choice: His stick. It is simply that, a stick. It ain't magical, it's just a wooden stick that he carved.
Hobbies: Sun bathing, not wearing a shirt, listening to nature, carving wood.
Likes: Trees, working with his hands, music, cuddling,water.
Dislikes: Reading assignments, writing on the board, essays, walking without his stick, wearing shoes, metal floors.
Fighting style: He fights by using vibrations in the earth. Like how when you step in water and it makes those rings. He uses that to see things around him, it's easiest in water and hardest on metal surfaces. He always walks around, and fights barefoot. He never attacks, only defends, unless the fight calls for being offensive.
Flare is totally blind, hense the bandages. He uses his stick as a weapon and also as a way to walk. He uses it like a cane or walking stick.

Name: Noh
Age: 17
Sexuality: Gheyer than a bluebird in spring time.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Katars or any concealable dagger
Hobbies: Painting, boogieing, playing pranks, being a spaz
Fighting Style: Assassin/ninja?
Likes: Sugar, dancing, music, food, sleeping, games, shiny things
Dislikes: Scary people, sticks-in-the-mud, those who ask about the multiple tails
Uh... Noh is sorta an old chara, his colors are HERE ouo . The clothes are out of date, but all the colores are correct.